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As a social enterprise, it is expected that we know the importance of identity. Identity encompasses how we view ourselves and how others will view us. Our Identity passes across a message that stands as our first impression to anyone who comes across it. Everything that we will ever achieve or be known for will follow our name, our identity.
As an organization, we were conscious of the fact that whatever we decide to name ourselves will stand as our individuality and unique character. We considered our purpose, which led to the decision to choose a name that will remind us of our eternal purpose and how we want to be recognized. This is why we are called Team Illuminate Nigeria.

Our name was deduced from what we believe is our purpose and how we want to work and what we want to promote. Each word was carefully considered and intentionally chosen to represent the reputation we aim to build.

From the start, a lot of us were used to working independently, unused to the team system and used to working at a certain capacity. This brought about a constant need to remind ourselves that we are a team and we have to work together to reach and possibly surpass our set goals for impact. By constantly saying that we are a team, the idea of teamwork slowly sipped into our subconscious. We all slowly began to embrace teamwork and produce greater results.

Illuminate is the representation of our eternal calling. Social entrepreneurs are people who have been called to be the answer to darkness in a special way. Our rays of light are different. By our identity “Illuminate” we are reminded of our purpose as lights and rays of hope in a dark and needy world.

‘Arise O compatriots, Nigerians call obey…”
Asides from representing our location, it’s a show of pride in our decision to serve our nation through social work. By identifying ourselves with “Nigeria”, it shows the culture, value, people, language and environment our psyche is used to. It is also a way of accrediting our works to our nationality.

Team Illuminate Nigeria is beyond just another brand name, it is also an identity for everyone involved in it. This one name hosts the identity of many young people and will host the identity of many more young people because we aim to impact youths.


Published by Saviour Iwezue

• Social Entrepreneur (Eco-activist) • Craftsperson •Content and Creative Writer You'll get to know and understand me through my writings, my works mirror my person. ~"By their words shall ye know them"~


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